Arches ©1990,  2 x 2-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches closed. Brass, formica, found objects, fabricated. The rusty shape on the top of the arch was found on the street. Whatever it is, I couldn't drill through it, so it's held down by the three riveted stars. The decorative scroll is acid etched, and the ground line was cut with a jeweler's saw. SOLD.

This book was a commission. The woman who wanted it said "something like Instruction Manual for the Moon." I said I would make something I like and if she wanted to buy it, that was great. It worked out very well, I think she liked this book better than Instruction Manual for the Moon. Scroll down for more views.

The stars on the cover are rivets. They would have been little rivet heads on the inside cover. Instead I soldered little stars to ear posts and used them as rivets. So they look like stars from both sides. I used two pieces of formica for each page, so I didn't have to worry about where the rivets were on the back.

To get the four large "rivet" heads on the right hand page, I soldered little circles of brass to earring posts and used them as rivets. All the other rivets are earposts. They are most obvious in the corners of the pages where I didn't solder any kind of head on them.

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