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There is a page of tips here.

Make a simple metal book:
Basic instructions for making a metal book using easy to find tools you may have around your house.
web page version
pdf version
Golden Paint's page of tips for painting on metal.
Ear post rivets:
Add drillable objects to your metal book with rivets made from purchased ear posts. Some tools required. The image on the left is a detail from zero to twelve, which was put together with rivets and nuts and bolts.
web page version
pdf version
Matchbox pinhole camera instructions:
Make a pinhole camera with easy to find materials.Uses color print film.You will need a scanner that scans film or a digital camera to get it into your computer.
This page has some helpful links and the pdf version.
flickr version - with color photos and notes
Memocam (brass pinhole camera):
I don't have instructions here for making the Memocam mentioned on the Craft blog. There is a description of how it was made on my blog.
Making Tooth Icon:
A summary of the steps involved in making Tooth Icon. Includes photos. The most detailed part is a description of fusing sterling silver "sawdust" to a sterling base.
Making In my Dreams We travel in Boats:
Some photos and notes taken while I was working on In my Dreams We travel in Boats. Not a step-by-step how-to.
The Gameboy camera - what can an artist do with a kid's toy?
A tutorial on Gameboy cameras, models of Gameboys, how to get your image into your computer, what to do with it when you've got it. Pages 1 and 4 have a gallery of photos in the left sidebar.
From the Zymoglyphic Museum - Creating and Curating Your Own Personal Museum
This pdf is part of my husband's project, The Zymoglyphic Museum. He has written a booklet for people who collect odd things and don't know what to do with them. On page 7 he used a photo I took with the Zymo 127 pinhole camera. Because it's a free download, and because so many artists collect all kinds of stuff, I thought I'd include it here.

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