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©2008 Judith Hoffman

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In my dreams We travel in Boats ©2008
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This isn't a how-to, it's just part of my notes for making this book. It may not the only way or the best way to accomplish any of these tasks.

1. The idea for the book is based on a dream figure - a woman who looked flattened out. After doing some sketches I decide the flattened out figure looks too odd in waking life.

I know I want a landscape, so it will be an accordion fold book. To the right is my first maquette, or dummy. The accordion fold book would extend out from the covers. I have no idea why I made this one a man.

1. The first maquette - about10 inches
tall. I thought the book would unfold
from the cover.
2. Make sketches for book pages and test drawings on different papers. The black paper is Arches cover, the blue paper, on the bottom, is Hahnemuhle Ingres. I'm using what I believe is the backside, it's a beautiful mottled color.

Decide between paper or metal. A paper book could be larger, and needs stiff paper for the accordion fold. Sometimes folding paper weakens the fold area. A metal book needs to be smaller, there may be less detail in the dream drawings. I am frustrated because I can't decide, both seem good in their own ways. I flip a coin. It comes up heads for metal. I feel free.

2. Sketches on different papers. The lower sketch later became a book.
3. Make a smaller maquette for the metal book. I like the smaller version, now I'm starting to see the book in my mind and feel enchanted by it. If I don't feel that connection to the book, it's hard to keep working through the boring middle part. The change in size and materials make a big difference.

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3. Another maquette - I like the size better. It's about 6 inches tall.
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