Metal Techniques Workshops. You can take three separate 6 hour sessions or one 15 hour workshop.
If you want to make books with copper, brass, formica, plastics and found objects, you can take the metals workshop in three one-day parts to make scheduling easier. Or take Metal Techniques for Book Artists, which covers all three parts in 15 hours. These are all jewelry techniques. If you prefer to work in silver and make jewelry, that's fine, too.

  • Jeweler's saw - Use the jeweler's saw to cut metal, formica, plexiglass and many other materials, including book board. We will also use the flex shaft to drill holes so we can cut interior shapes out of our book covers. We will cover several patinas and a few metal texturing options. 6 hours, $90, $5 materials fee.
  • Cold Connections - Use three styles of rivets (earpost, tube and wire), or nuts and bolts to attach objects to your cover and pages. We will use a small hammer, flush cut nippers, a punch and drill holes with the flex shaft. Cold connections are excellent for attaching found objects to book covers and pages. They can also make a decorative accent on your work. You will need to bring a book cover OR pages made of metal, ready to have objects attached. Or you can work on a piece of brass or copper that will become a book cover in the future. 6 hours, $90, $5 materials fee.
  • Binding your book - jump ring and spiral binding, use the jeweler's saw to make jump rings, form neat spirals to bind your book. Also covers liver of sulfur patinas. You will need to bring several books ready to bind. They could have Davey board covers, or they could be metal or other materials. 6 hours, $90, $5 materials fee.
  • Metal techniques for book artists - all information above in 15 hours. We will make two or three small books with metal covers and paper pages. $225, $15 materials fee.

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Valentine book ©1995, I think. 3.5 x 3.75 x .75 inches.This was a valentine's day gift to my husband. The techniques are very simple: jump ring binding, the spikey heart shape was cut out with a jeweler's saw, so was the plexiglass heart. I filed the edges of the heart some to round them, then polished it. I tore the paper pages against the heart to give them the right shape. Below is the title page of the book.
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