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©1998, We can see by starlight, 8 x 8 x 1/2 inches. Museum board, watercolor paper, acrylics, colored pencils. Sewn over tapes. The letters and the frame on the cover were cut with a jeweler's saw. This book illustrates a dream. Here is a blog entry about using dreams for inspiration in this book. Not for Sale. Scroll down for more views.

Title page, some people see a rabbit in the moon instead of a man.

Pages 3 and 4. The question marks over my head indicate that I am not sure where to park.

Pages 5 and 6. We come to a barrier.
Pages 7 and 8.
Pages 9 and 10.
Pages 11 and 12. Everything changes in this dream. The woman with stick hair becomes a bird, the car becomes a bicycle.

Pages 13 and 14. The differences in the background colors are mostly due to my changing scanners and lack of ability in PhotoShop.

Pages 15 and 16. The road becomes a path of stars, going into the sky.

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