Oneiro ©2009-10, 5 x 4.75 x 3.5 inches (closed). Brass, copper, Arches cover paper, photos, tin can. Bound with a variation of wire edge binding. Techniques include soldering, etching, pinhole photography. Oneiro is an accordion fold book with a pinhole camera for a cover. The lens cap sits in front of the camera in this photo. The camera takes photos of my dreams using light sensitive photo paper as the negative. The negatives are scanned into PhotoShop, then inverted and the contrast is adjusted. The professionally printed photos are mounted on the pages of the book behind the camera. See photos from Oneiro here. And Mrs. Deane wrote a very nice blog post about Oneiro. Scroll down for more views of the book.

Oneiro open. There are 24 pages, with 10 pinhole photographs.

The back of the camera. All three of the rings turn, they must be adjusted correctly to view and photograph the dream of your choice. There is a chart on the back of the book to help you find the correct settings. On the right is a protective panel made to protect the pages of the book from the nuts on the camera.

The first photo in the book. The caption says "The boy and I are chased across the beach by a huge dinosaur." All photos from Oneiro are here.

The back of the book. Use this chart to choose the kind of dream you'd like to record with the camera. All the symbols on the chart appear on the dial on the back of the camera.

The camera open - on the left in the circle is the tiny pinhole, not really visible in this photo. On the right a paper negative. The image is upside down. The distance from the pinhole to the paper is very short, so the whole image is relatively small. This negative is for the photo two images up - "the boy and I are chased across the beach by a huge dinosaur."

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