Make a Simple Metal Book - page 2

©2002 Judith Hoffman

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Tools and supplies: 

  • aluminum flashing, galvanized aluminum flashing or brass shim (the heavier gauges are easier to work with - I used 008). When buying the metal, look for some that doesn’t have a lot of masking tape residue or scratches on it.
  • about 12 inches of ball chain and 3 chain connectors
  • leather or plastic mallet 
  • hammer 
  • awl - store this with a cork on the point
  • two box nails, approximately 6 penny and 8 penny 
  • metal shears (old household scissors will cut very light metals, but don’t ruin your good scissors)
  • a fairly fine file, mill smooth is good
  • 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper
  • a stick of wood, like a paint stick
  • wire cutters
  • leather gloves 
  • a piece of scrap wood 

Optional items: 

  • Golden molding paste, 5 minute epoxy or another glue meant to attach objects to metal
  • gesso and paints
  • 16 gauge brass wire, a #52 drill bit for metal (to make holes for the brass wire)
  • 24 gauge copper wire, a #60 drill bit for metal to make holes for the copper wire, (a #70 would give a snugger fit, but often #60 is the smallest you can find in a hardware store)
  • needle nose pliers
  • drill
  • And of course, any items you want to attach to your pages.
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