Make a Simple Metal Book - page 4

©2002 Judith Hoffman

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The next step is to make holes in the pages. Make a hole with the 8d nail in the scrap wood. This hole will allow you to drive a nail through your metal page without having to pull the nail from the board each time. Using a pencil, mark a place for three holes on each page. They should be centered about 1/4 inch from the edge. They should also be in the same spot on each page.

Then make a small dent with the 6d nail in each spot where the holes will be.

Position each potential page hole over the large hole in the scrap wood to drive the 6d nail through the metal. Then, holding the awl with the handle in the palm of your hand, push the point into the metal, enlarging the hole to the full diameter of the awl. Place the page on the edge of a piece of scrap wood, bow the page slightly, and file off most of the burr caused by the awl. If you file the burr completely, you’ll begin to scratch the metal with the file. Use the mallet to flatten the burr the rest of the way on the back side of the hole. Each hole should be fairly smooth and slightly larger than the diameter of your ball chain.
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