Make a Simple Metal Book - page 6

©2002 Judith Hoffman

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Bind the book: 

When the pages are finished, bind them. Cut three short lengths from the ball chain. They need to be long enough to accommodate all your pages. You want the pages to lay flat and have a small space between them as you read the book. Thread the ball chain through each hole and join the ends with a chain connector. 

Or you can use the needle nose pliers to twist brass wire around in the hole several times, making a low-tech jump ring. Make your first loop, slip it through the pages, then turning the loop in the hole, continue to bend the wire in a circle. Be sure to make your jump ring large enough to allow the two pages to lie flat and next to each other. figure 1.

The rings should be fairly close together, but the finished jump ring will look something like figure 2.
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figure 1.

figure 2.

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